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Local Vibe Directories are online directories
of the Best Food, Fun, Events, Shopping,
Community Listings & Services

In Every State!

WE FEATURE the best kept secrets of
local cuisine, fun events, nightclubs,
Shops, shopping malls and outlets,
community listings like hospitals, doctors,
banks, grocery stores, schools & municipal listings
as well as services like veterinary, auto repair,
contractors, & More!

Five Streams of Income are Built In ...
Plus You Will Offer Tremendous Value
to Your Business Clients.

Offer Your Clients Additional Ways to
Get More Customers, Sales, Reviews,
Hot Calls and Leads, As Well As Extreme Exposure!

Partner with Us as a Local Vibe
Directory Website Owner,

Or As an Affiliate at 50% Commission!

    Local Vibe Directory Owner

As an owner partner, you will receive an exact clone of LOCAL VIBE VIRGINIA (For Your State), with Hosting for Life!

A pre-built Local Directory Website with all of the categories, images, widgets and intro content needed to deliver huge value to your advertisers in the state of your choice.

As an owner partner, you have the opportunity for
multiple streams of income built in!

Income from Business Membership Set-Up (Average Set-Up is $300 per client)

Income from Business Membership Monthly Ad Fee (Average Monthly Fee is $25 - $50 per month, per client)

Income from Banner Ads ( Average Monthly Fee is $25 per Ad)

Income from  Client's Ad on a Local Vibe Custom Mobile App (Average Ad Fee is $10 - $25 per month)
*Ask for Details*

Income from Selling Your Cloned Website to Others Who Want a Directory Site for Their City
*Ask for Details*

Most Local Directories Charge Huge Fees to Advertising Clients
for Leads, Reviews, and Exposure Like This!

Here's What You Get
as a Local Vibe Owner Partner!

A Pre-built Local Vibe Website for the State of Choice

Complete Member Management

Designed for organizations of all sizes – includes everything you need to manage members, website visitors and more.

  • Manage subscriptions in your detailed member database
  • Members can control their accounts with self-service tools
  • Seamlessly import existing members into your new website
  • Engage your community with offers and email newsletters

Smart Payment Processing

Includes a complete suite of payment processing tools to manage your entire website’s finances and forecasting.

  • Connect your gateway to immediately accept payments
  • Recurring subscriptions are billed automatically
  • Generate leads and sell them to your members
  • Manage refunds and collect past-due payments

Hassle-Free Setup & Design

  • Brand your website with your company’s logo and images
  • Customizable search modules to fit your specific needs
  • 100% white-label – our name never appears on your site

Optimized Publishing for Google

Easily create content and out-rank your competition with the help of industry-leading search engine optimization tools.

  • Publish articles with your own built-in blogging system
  • Stay organized with our world-class content manager
  • Create professional web pages in the intuitive page builder
  • Robust SEO templates and settings for advanced users

Mobile-Ready for iOS / Android Apps

Your Brilliant Directories website is mobile friendly from the start, allowing it to be turned into a native mobile app.

  • Responsive design makes your site great on all devices
  • Save time and money ‐ no need for additional development
  • Visitors can interact with your site on phones and tablets
  • Your members can manage their accounts on the go!

Top-Rated Help & Support

Everyone needs a helping hand now and then. You’ll always have access to our free support resources.

  • Friendly support with less than 24 hour response times

Engaging Social Media Integration

Boost web pages and increase your site’s online visibility. Include social media share links on all of your pages – from member profiles to blog articles. Capitalize on the power of social media to build your brand and attract more visitors.

Real-Time Financial Reporting

The finance dashboard gives you a high-level snapshot of your gross revenue, upcoming payments, refund history and comprehensive revenue forecasting – key metrics that indicate the overall financial health of your organization.

Pick Your Preferred Gateway

We support 10+ popular payment gateways that you can integrate to start accepting payments immediately. If you have not yet selected a payment gateway provider, we can guide you based on your business’ needs.

Intelligent Recurring Payments

Never miss a scheduled payment again. Automatically collect monthly, yearly or semi-annual membership fees.

  • Easily configure the price and billing cycle of subscriptions
  • Works with any gateway you connect to your website
  • Start, stop and modify individual member subscriptions
  • Get notified of any declined or past-due member payments

Past-Due Payment Handling

It’s common for credit cards to expire, be cancelled or reach their spending limits – rest assured you won’t be left in the dark. The billing system reports all failed and past-due payments, and will attempt to process them until collected.

One-Click Member Upgrades

Members can easily upgrade their subscription with just one click – offer more expensive plans with additional perks to maximize revenue. The system automatically cancels the member’s old plan and immediately starts their new one.

Generate and Sell Leads

Take advantage of the built-in functionality to generate leads and sell them back to members in your community.

  • Convert general website visitors into additional revenue
  • Customize lead forms to suite your target industry
  • Increase member engagement by providing qualified leads
  • Simple back-end management to maximize lead sales

SSL Secured Checkout Pages

Hit the ground running and accept payments from day one. For each membership plan that you set up, the system will automatically generate an SSL secured checkout page that you can link to and promote – no coding required.

Sell Banner Ad Placements

Embed Google Adsense banners on your website or upload your own custom banner advertisements. Modify ad content and control ad placement from the Banner Ad Manager to maximize revenue from your advertisers and sponsors.

Reliable Website Hosting for life!

Stop dealing with the headaches of self-hosted solutions and third-party hosting companies. Let us do all of the heavy lifting for you – at no additional cost. You can focus on your members while we take care of your hosting and security.

Daily Website Backups

The Brilliant Directories platform automatically performs daily backups of your entire website and stores up to 24 hours worth of backups. If needed, you can opt for our extended website backups which will store 14 days worth of backups.

Login Attempt Protection

Your visitors’ IP addresses are recorded to keep track of their actions on your website. The system can then lock users out of your website after several unsuccessful login attempts – preventing unwarranted access and password cracking.

Premium Add-Ons Included

Admin Activity Tracking
Auto-Recurring Event Listings
Automatic Lead Matching
Bandwidth & Storage Boost
Favorites Bookmarking
Claimable Business Listings
Click to Call
Easy Coupon Codes
Featured Article Blog Slider
Google Search Assist
Google Sitemap Generator
Insta-Load Search Results
Member Limit Boost
Multi-Location Listings
Multi-Member Manager
Usage Analytics
One Click Social Login
Reply to Member Reviews
Keyword Searchable Profiles
Future Premium Add Ons

Once You Own the Local Vibe Website for Your State,
You Can Sell Cloned Local Vibe Websites to Entrepreneurs
Who Want to Run Local Vibe Sites in Their City!

Your Client's Business Member Profiles Include:

SSL Security - Websites with SSL certificates are more trusted and therefore generate more revenue than websites that do not have SSL Certificates.

Reviews - A link will be posted for users to post their reviews.

Auto-Recurring Event Listings - The Auto-Recurring Events add-on eliminates the need to manually re-post events that repeat.

Automatic Lead Matching -
Members will automatically be connected with leads and have the ability to purchase more in real-time!

Favorites Bookmarking - increase sign ups and keep users coming back! This gives your visitors the ability to easily bookmark and manage their favorite content from your listing.

Click to Call Members - Your phone numbers are converted into clickable links. Visitors can click the links to instantly call you from their computers and mobile phones. 

Usage Analytics - Access to valuable user activity data such as the number of profile views, clicks to your website and visits to your social media profiles.

Multi-Location Listings - Delivers increased visibility to users throughout the local vibe website.

Reply to Member Reviews - Members have the opportunity to show credibility and resolve any issues that may arise.

Keyword Searchable Profiles - Provides greater visibility for user searches.

Paid Business Members Will Also Have the Opportunity to Advertise on Your Local Vibe Mobile App!
This means your client advertisers will see a lot more traffic, customers, sales, reviews and loyalty!

   Local Vibe Directory Affiliate

As an affiliate,
you will have the opportunity to earn commissions on:

Local Vibe Banner Ads ( Average Monthly Fee is $25 per Ad)

Custom Mobile App Design Set-Up
for Any Business Client (Average Set-Up is $2,000)

Website or Niche Directory Website Set-Up
(Average Set-Up is $2,000)

If you already sell marketing or advertising to business owners,
you can add these services to your portfolio and really make good money.
At 50% commissions, affiliates rake it in.

Welcome to Local Vibe Virginia!

Search for

Food, Fun, Shops, Community, & Services

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